Beaver Builder Additions 1.6 Update – SnazzyMaps/MapStylr for Maps + Other Fixes

Hi all!

So today I’m pushing version 1.6 of WPD Beaver Builder Additions, which comes with a few extra bells and whistles, as well as a number of improvements and fixes.

I thought it’d be an idea to post up some examples of what you can do with Additions, as I’ve been fairly quiet on that front, so people with the plugin can get full use out of it!


Optimised Video Embeds

Used by many to improve page speed on pages with YouTube or Vimeo videos embedded.

New features in 1.6 include:

  • Thumbnail overlays
  • Thumbnail effects: sepia, grayscale and invert

Google Static Map

1.6 features include:

  • SnazzyMaps & MapStylr support so you can add custom styles to your maps!

Both examples are available here:


Module animations

18 new animations have been added to Beaver Builder modules, extending the default 5.

To use animations, simply edit your module and head over to the ‘Advanced’ tab and look for ‘Animations’. Simply choose the one you want to use from the drop-down menu.

See examples here:

Row fade effect on scroll

You can enable fading in or out of rows as you scroll down the page. To enable this, edit your row and head to the ‘WPD’ tab.

Examples here:


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4 thoughts on “Beaver Builder Additions 1.6 Update – SnazzyMaps/MapStylr for Maps + Other Fixes”

  1. Doug,

    WPD Beaver Builder Additions is a great, handy addition to my BB tool kit. I sincerely appreciate the effort you’ve put into BB support with your plugin, videos, posts, etc.

    Now for the selfish part: Have you considered adding a modal feature for Optimised Video Embeds? The BB Button module doesn’t give us the benefit of your optimised thumbnail. Having the video display in a larger lightbox over the page would be brilliant.

    Just a though (and a wish). Cheers!

    – Peter

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