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Better Food Menu is an easy to use plugin for WordPress sites. Create a beautiful food and drink menu your customers can quickly filter based on their dietary requirements.

  • Last updated 9 months ago
  • Current version 1.4.0

Your food and drink menu is your biggest asset.

It’s the core of your business: the very thing that keeps customers coming through your doors – rather than that restaurant down the road.

But how do you get your menu in front of people who haven’t yet paid you a visit? And what about keeping your regulars up to date with the latest, tastiest menu changes?

The answer is simple, isn’t it? You need a menu on your website.

Or is it that simple?

After all: you’ve tried using a PDF menu, but they’re so difficult for people to read. Your diners hate having to zoom in to see the tiny writing – especially on their phones. Not to mention trying to decipher special dietary requirements.

Besides, what about every time you need to update your menu? Aren’t you tired of having to redesign an entire PDF and upload it to your site, only to have to do it all over again the following week.

You could get one of those WordPress themes that has a menu function built-in. But all the themes you like seem to come with horrible, clunky menus…

Some of them don’t even display nicely on mobile phones or tablets, and they certainly don’t have extra features potential diners will love such as dietary requirement filtering.

Why is it so difficult to get a slick, user-friendly menu?

That’s where Better Food Menu comes in. It makes creating (and updating) a stunning food and drink menu super easy.

Even better, your customers will love how easy it is to search your menu based on their specific dietary requirements.

Vegans, vegetarians, or any customers with any “custom” diets you specify can show only suitable menu items at the click of a button. Meanwhile, eaters with nut, gluten, dairy, celery, eggs – and any other allergies – can quickly hide dishes they’re unable to eat.

Combinations of these requirements can be combined for fast sorting. Is one of your customers a vegetarian with a nut allergy? Better Food Menu is the simple to use WordPress plugin which accommodates for all dietary needs at the click of a button.

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Show your customers that you care

For customers with special dietary requirements, dining out often feels like more of a chore than cooking at home. Better Food Menu makes it easy for customers to quickly find dishes they love, removing the anxiety and hassle out of choosing suitable food.

Make it easy to view all your dishes

Instead of creating a cumbersome selection of menus dedicated to each allergy and dietary requirement, display a single menu with information about all your dishes in one place. The menu can be instantly filtered with the click of a button.

Connect with your customers

The Better Food Menu design is inherited from your website theme. This means your customers will get a feel for your unique style before they arrive, and sets the tone for a quality dining experience.

Better Food Menu: the best food and drinks menu

What makes Better Food menu a favourite of restaurateurs, café owners and web developers alike?

  • Easy to update

    No more PDFS! Avoid the headache of designing and creating PDFs. Not only are these a pain to create and upload to your website, they're also very static. Create as many menus as you like through the familiar and easy to use WordPress interface.

  • Great for SEO

    Get noticed in Google search results with ready menus. Having an SEO-friendly menu makes your website more prominent in search results. Not only that, but you can set your schema settings for your entire business.

  • Cater for all allergens and diets

    With Better Food Menu, there’s no limit to how many people you can delight. Add as many allergens or diet types as you need, and mark dishes as suitable or unsuitable with the click of a button.

  • Categorise dishes any way you choose

    You can add unlimited sections, which could include courses such as starters or desserts. But it’s totally up to you! You have the freedom to categorise dishes in whichever way you like.

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  • White-label
  • Menu schedules
  • Use on up to 10 sites


Best for agencies

  • New features, updates & support for 12 months
  • White-label
  • Menu schedules
  • Use on UNLIMITED sites

All licenses come with a no-quibble 30 day money back guarantee


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Why Better Food Menu exists

“When I dine out, it's not uncommon to see looks of confusion when I tell the waiter or waitress I have a gluten intolerance.

Sometimes, at larger restaurants, I'm presented with a huge booklet of allergen information. Either that, or a one-page insert.

My partner and I work in tandem to cross-reference this with the menu, marking out or writing down items that I can eat.

It's very thorough, but feels like a lengthy administrative exercise – not exactly what you want when trying to have a relaxing dinner.

Sometimes we're given a menu with ALL allergen information included. Thorough, but confusing and overwhelming (and we often end up asking, to be sure).

Other times I'm given a dedicated gluten-free menu, which is great. It's a truly liberating feeling to be able to look at a menu, and know that I can pick anything from it.

But even this doesn't account for any other dietary preferences or requirements. I have an intolerance to yeast too, and, by choice, cut out dairy (I'm probably not winning any invitations to dinner parties here!).

Often it feels like going out for dinner is an upheaval. Or that I'm an annoying diner – inconveniencing the kitchen and waiting staff.

That’s why I built Better Food Menu.

Better Food Menu makes a visitor's dining experience a little more pleasant, even before setting foot in your restaurant (I, like a lot of people who are choosing a restaurant, will look at your menu on your website in advance).

With a couple of clicks on the menu filter, I can see only what I can eat based on my dietary preference and my allergies or intolerances.

It's hassle-free for me, the diner, and saves you, the restaurant owner, administration overhead – and undoubtedly shows you care.

Now, that sounds a little... better... wouldn't you say?”

– Doug, Lead Developer & founder of WP Developers

Development roadmap

Check out what’s in the works for Better Food Menu:

  • Last updated 9 months ago
  • Current version 1.4.0

Have a suggestion for a future update? We’d love to hear from you!