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Better Food Menu is a simple to use WordPress plugin that allows people to filter your food menu according to their dietary needs at the click of a button

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  • Current version 1.2.2

How does Better Food Menu help you?

Help your visitors avoid the frustration of finding items on your menu that are suitable for them - with nothing more than a couple of clicks.

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Show your customers that you care

Remove the anxiety and hassle of finding suitable items on your menu

A single page for all of your dishes

Display a single menu with all of your dishes, instead of dedicated menus for each allergy

You're in good hands

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Be unique

BetterFoodMenu is easy to integrate with your website, thanks to it's unopinionated design

Why Better Food Menu exists

When I eat out, it's not uncommon to see looks of confusion when I tell the waiter or waitress that I have a gluten intolerance.

Sometimes, at larger restaurants, I'm presented with a huge booklet of allergen information.

Or a one-page insert. 

My partner and I work in tandem to cross-reference this with the menu, marking out or writing down items that I can eat.

It's very thorough, but feels like a lengthy administrative exercise. Not to mention VERY frustrating when the booklet doesn't match the menu (which happens frequently).

Sometimes we're given a menu with ALL allergen information included. Thorough, but confusing and overwhelming (and we often end up asking, to be sure).

Overwhelming food menu

Other times I'm given a dedicated gluten-free menu, which is great. It's a truly liberating feeling to be able to look at a menu, and know that I can pick anything from it.

But even this doesn't account for any other dietary preferences or requirements. I have an intolerance to yeast too, and, by choice, cut dairy out (I'm probably not winning any invitations to dinner parties here).

Often it feels like it's an upheaval to eat out. Or that I'm an annoying diner; inconveniencing the kitchen and waiting staff.

That’s why I built Better Food Menu.

It makes a visitor's dining experience a little more pleasant; even before setting foot in your restaurant (I, like a lot of people who are choosing a restaurant, will look at your menu on your website in advance).

With a couple of clicks on the menu filter, I can see only what I can eat based on my dietary preference and my allergies or intolerances.

It's hassle-free for me, the diner, and saves you, the restaurant owner, administration overhead - and undoubtedly shows you care.

Now, that sounds a little... better... wouldn't you say?

Key Features

What's included with Better Food Menu?

  • Easy to update (No more PDFs!)

    Avoid the headache of designing and creating PDFs. Not only are these hard to create and upload to your website, they're also very static. Create as many menus as you like through the familiar and easy to use WordPress interface.

  • Cater for all allergens and diets

    There are no fixed limits to how many different types of people you can delight. Add as many allergens or diet types as you need, and mark dishes as suitable or unsuitable, with the click of a button.

  • Add as many sections as you like

    A section might be a course, such as starters or desserts, but you have the freedom to categorise dishes as you please.

  • Show off your signature dishes

    If you have a signature dish or cocktail, you can easily feature it on it's own and it'll be filtered like every other dish.

  • Beaver Builder compatible

    If you're a Beaver Builder (or Beaver Themer) user, you can drag and drop menu 'blocks' anywhere on the page AND get a lot of design options (without needing to write CSS). 

  • White-label for agencies

    Take the credit for our work. You've worked hard to build your brand, so you can rename the plugin using WordPress filters (agency package and above).


Common questions for Better Food Menu

Pricing & Purchase

Choose the option that's right for you


  • New features, updates & support for 12 months
  • Use on a single site


  • New features, updates & support for 12 months
  • White-label
  • Menu schedules (coming soon)
  • Use on up to 10 sites

#Pro Unlimited

  • New features, updates & support for 12 months
  • White-label
  • Menu schedules (coming soon)
  • Use on UNLIMITED sites

All licenses come with a no-quibble 30 day money back guarantee

Small business? There's also a micro option for $29. Updates and features for 12 months, but no technical support or renewal discount. Upgrade at any time.


I'm here to answer your questions


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