Who’s Behind WP Developers?


I’m Doug, a WordPress addict enthusiast from London, UK.

I decided to start this blog for a few simple reasons:

  • For me to hone my writing skills (and screencasting!), and to develop the habit of doing so
  • For me to learn how to teach
  • For me to learn some topics deeply that I take for granted
  • For you to learn from a non-purist developer; a resource where few assumptions are made, and the teacher (who, me?!) is approaching each post with a beginner’s mind – there’s nothing more infuriating than trying to learn, but even getting past the prerequisites seems impossible
  • I’m a big fan of Beaver Builder, and I want to help others squeeze more out of it, beyond dragging and dropping pre-built modules in
  • For me to document the way I build WordPress websites (for the future me to look back and say “did we really do it that way?”)
  • For me to talk about the business side of WordPress – the incredible “ups”, and the equally incredible “downs”

I run a digital marketing company called Fuelled, and a WordPress consultancy called Smarter Digital, where I’ve helped small and large organisations get found online, and turn more browsers into buyers.

Whether you dislike or like what I have to say – say so in the comments; you’d be doing me a big favour by providing feedback on how I can improve. I endeavour to respond to every single one.

Follow along, and enjoy the ride. Bye for now!